During the last week, we received multiple calls about testing for Giardia and Cryptosporidum in Well Water and City Water.  Our response is yes we can help, but is that the best course of action?

We first asked why? Is someone sick – Response – NO!
Then why the interested?
The resonses:
Newspaper Article about a problem in different area. (2 people)
A friend as this problem. (1)
They saw something on social media.(8)
A water treatment person (plumber) mentioned that my system does not remove. (2)

What is your water source?   Well Water (3 people), City Water (10 people).

Have you had your water testing for Total Coliform Bacteria and general water quality?  Yes (2 people) and NO (11 people).

Do you have a copy of your “city water” annual report?  NO (10 people)

My suggestions:

1. Get a copy of the “city water annual report” by calling the water company or going to their website or go to https://www.epa.gov/ccr.   If you need help reviewing, contact the Keystone Clean Water Team.

2. Get a Total Coliform and E. coli test of your water.

3. Get your water tested or run at a minimum a self testing.   At a minimum, go to https://watertestingkits.com/ref/10/.

4. Consider a waterborne pathogenic panel screening test.

5. Try a point of use filter – Should meet NSF Standards 42 & 53 for contaminant reduction, such as PUR Classic Clear FM-3333B filtration system,  using the PUR RF-3375 2-stage filter.

6. More on Giardia and Waterborne Disease/ Autoimmune Disorders.

Senator John T. Yudichak recently announced that Senate Resolution 33 — which creates a bipartisan task force to investigate the scope of Pennsylvania’s lead exposure problem — was approved unanimously by the full Senate. The resolution had been approved unanimously by the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee at the end of April.

Senator Yudichak introduced the resolution earlier this session because lead exposure can threaten the health and well-being of every Pennsylvanian—especially senior citizens and children. “The task force report will advance cooperative efforts to arm the General Assembly with better information and best practice recommendations to develop new lead abatement programs that more aggressively mitigate lead exposure in Pennsylvania,” said State Senator John Yudichak.

The resolution calls for the Senate to establish a task force on lead exposure comprised of the chairs of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee and two members appointed by the Senate President pro tempore and the Minority Leader. An advisory committee of the Joint State Government Commission will conduct a comprehensive review of Pennsylvania law and public policy related to lead exposure and abatement practices and then submit a report to the task force and full Senate within 18-months. The report must assess the age of housing and infrastructure, lead exposure threats, and identify the prevalence of lead in structures where children spend significant time.

A few key points

  1. This is not just a drinking water issue.  Lead is present in many homes and sources include old lead paint, cookware, make-up, and other consumer products.
  2. If on city water, check piping in home for lead pipe and evidence of corrosion.  Remove the aeration devices and clean and flush the water lines to remove any films and coatings.
  3. If on city water – read the Consumer Confident Reports generated by water supplier and look for signs of corrosion.
  4. If on well water – get your water tested.
  5. Use are free phone App – Know Your H20.

know your h2o water flint michigan water testing

On January 16, 2016, President Obama signed an Emergency Declaration for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all disaster- relief efforts for Flint, Michigan.  Not because of flooding, terrorism, earthquakes, or fracking, but because of the level of lead and other corrosion by-products in the city’s water.   In general, lead is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless metal, but there may be warning signs you have a problem with lead.  The warning signs come in two forms:


1. The water may have an occasional metallic or bitter taste. This would be especially true of the first flush from the piping.

2. The problem would be worse in the hot water, or if you know you have lead service lines.

3. The water may have a bluish appearance.  Not because of lead, but because of copper another corrosion by-product.

4. The plumbing fixtures may leach or show signs of corrosion. (Try Our Know Your H20 Phone App)


1. Lead exposure results in increased levels of lead in the blood, hair, fingernails, bones, and urine.

2. Chronic lead exposure for adults can be associated with neurological disease,  higher risk of cancer, stroke, and high blood pressure.

3. Lead exposure for children is a greater concern and can be associated with reduced body weight, premature birth, brain damage, behavioral problems, neurological disorder (seizures), and a lower IQ level in children.

What you can do?
Get your water tested and if your home was built before 1978 the home may contain lead or lead-based paint.  Have any peeling the paint in your home tested.

For More information, please visit:
Corrosive Water and Your Piping

House and Indoor Environmental Quality – lead, asbestos, radon and more.

In-home water test for lead and more.

Earn your PDH in Environmental Engineering on PDHengineer.com

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know your h2o water oil gas water testing

In response to the revival of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the USA, we started the “Getting the Waters Tested Program”.  This development was associated with a significant increase in well water testing by and for private well owners.  The only problem was that although the testing was being done, very little assistance was being provided to help explain the results and guide private well owners to take the needed action.  The program has two elements:

1. If you or someone else has conducted certified baseline water quality testing, we will provide an unbiased review of the results, make recommendations regarding additional testing or water treatment, and provide specific recommendations to address health or aesthetic issues.

2. We have partnered with the Keystone Clean Water Team to offer an informational water testing screening kit that includes over 50+ water quality parameters that include impacts associated with saline water, brine water, bacteria, and other inorganic forms of contamination.  To order go to the Water Check Standard or there is an in-home screening test.

3. Check out are Basline Testing Water Quality App.

Learn More – Go to pacleanwater.org


Nationwide Program Promotes Home Health
Healthy Communities = Healthy Kids and Families 

know your h2o community neighborhood water report testing

Know Your H2O? helps you to identify the existing and historical environmental hazards in your community. We are working with a national environmental database search company to offer a report to help you understand your home’s or your future homes environmental health status within a community.  We are doing this by taking a snapshot of the current and historical environmental concerns and hazards in the community and a review of select criminal activity.

The program, Neighborhood Environmental Report™, offers a search of over 1,400 databases and millions of records of potential land and groundwater contamination within a 1-mile radius of the entered address. The report includes a search for concerns that might be dangerous to a homeowner’s family or investment such as nearby leaking underground oil tanks, leaky underground fuel tanks (LUSTs), leaky above ground tanks (LASTs), CDC Health Assessment Database,  landfills, hazardous waste sites, DOD facilities, gas and radiological sources, National Wetland Mapping, Flooding mapping data, drug houses, and clandestine drug labs. 

Since launching this program in mid-2015, we have run over 180 reports and helped families identify the historical hazards and active clean up/contaminated sites in their communities. Act quickly, we are giving out up to 500 free reports (only 320 free reports available). To learn more.


know your h2o professional education training online 1

B.F. Environmental Consultants, Inc. and Mr. Brian Oram, founder of KnowYourH2O, has been educating citizens and professionals for over 30 years. In the later part of 2015, we launched our new web-portal called “Training Professionals”. Training Professionals is a free informational hub that connects you to the best online and face-to-face training options through our partnership with trusted companies such as Ed2Go, Red Vector, Udemy and 360 Training.

Training Professionals Online Training Courses was developed by Brian Oram, a professional Geologist and Soil Scientist and owner of BF Environmental Consultants, Inc. As an instructor as well as professional, he understands the need and importance of ongoing education to the workforce. As one who has enjoyed the quality and convenience of online training, he saw an opportunity to share his experience through the creation of a portal to qualified online educational resources.

Training Professionals connects you to affordable alternatives to the normal workshop training course or continuing education course. Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution to training and education of our workforce. Our select online courses provide a comprehensive and diverse series of offerings to meet continuing education requirements for the professional, contractor, or workforce development/ employee training program.

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