Nationwide Program Promotes Home Health
Healthy Communities = Healthy Kids and Families 

know your h2o community neighborhood water report testing

Know Your H2O? helps you to identify the existing and historical environmental hazards in your community. We are working with a national environmental database search company to offer a report to help you understand your home’s or your future homes environmental health status within a community.  We are doing this by taking a snapshot of the current and historical environmental concerns and hazards in the community and a review of select criminal activity.

The program, Neighborhood Environmental Report™, offers a search of over 1,400 databases and millions of records of potential land and groundwater contamination within a 1-mile radius of the entered address. The report includes a search for concerns that might be dangerous to a homeowner’s family or investment such as nearby leaking underground oil tanks, leaky underground fuel tanks (LUSTs), leaky above ground tanks (LASTs), CDC Health Assessment Database,  landfills, hazardous waste sites, DOD facilities, gas and radiological sources, National Wetland Mapping, Flooding mapping data, drug houses, and clandestine drug labs. 

Since launching this program in mid-2015, we have run over 180 reports and helped families identify the historical hazards and active clean up/contaminated sites in their communities. Act quickly, we are giving out up to 500 free reports (only 320 free reports available). To learn more.