know your h2o water oil gas water testing

In response to the revival of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the USA, we started the “Getting the Waters Tested Program”.  This development was associated with a significant increase in well water testing by and for private well owners.  The only problem was that although the testing was being done, very little assistance was being provided to help explain the results and guide private well owners to take the needed action.  The program has two elements:

1. If you or someone else has conducted certified baseline water quality testing, we will provide an unbiased review of the results, make recommendations regarding additional testing or water treatment, and provide specific recommendations to address health or aesthetic issues.

2. We have partnered with the Keystone Clean Water Team to offer an informational water testing screening kit that includes over 50+ water quality parameters that include impacts associated with saline water, brine water, bacteria, and other inorganic forms of contamination.  To order go to the Water Check Standard or there is an in-home screening test.

3. Check out are Basline Testing Water Quality App.

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