During the last week, we received multiple calls about testing for Giardia and Cryptosporidum in Well Water and City Water.  Our response is yes we can help, but is that the best course of action?

We first asked why? Is someone sick – Response – NO!
Then why the interested?
The resonses:
Newspaper Article about a problem in different area. (2 people)
A friend as this problem. (1)
They saw something on social media.(8)
A water treatment person (plumber) mentioned that my system does not remove. (2)

What is your water source?   Well Water (3 people), City Water (10 people).

Have you had your water testing for Total Coliform Bacteria and general water quality?  Yes (2 people) and NO (11 people).

Do you have a copy of your “city water” annual report?  NO (10 people)

My suggestions:

1. Get a copy of the “city water annual report” by calling the water company or going to their website or go to https://www.epa.gov/ccr.   If you need help reviewing, contact the Keystone Clean Water Team.

2. Get a Total Coliform and E. coli test of your water.

3. Get your water tested or run at a minimum a self testing.   At a minimum, go to https://watertestingkits.com/ref/10/.

4. Consider a waterborne pathogenic panel screening test.

5. Try a point of use filter – Should meet NSF Standards 42 & 53 for contaminant reduction, such as PUR Classic Clear FM-3333B filtration system,  using the PUR RF-3375 2-stage filter.

6. More on Giardia and Waterborne Disease/ Autoimmune Disorders.