know your h2o well checkWell-Check | Well Water Test Package

Well-Check is our well water testing package that includes microbiological testing (Total Coliform & E-Coli) and the analysis of 19 heavy metals & minerals, 6 inorganic chemicals and physical factors. This package helps homeowners to determine what is in their well water and if a treatment system is needed. This package is a great follow up test for our customers who are using our Watercheck test package and need to determine if new treatment systems are working to correct any bacteria or metals issues that were detected. This product also benefits anyone who is looking to monitor their well water on a regular basis.  Request information

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know your h2o city water checkCity Water-Check | Water Test Package

The City Water Check  (Standard) package testing package allows homeowners to get a more comprehensive analysis on their municipal water supply. This testing package covers everything that is tested for in the City-Check Basic and including more metals, minerals and volatile organic compounds. The break-down is as follows: 17 metals/minerals, 6 inorganic compounds, 4 physical characteristics, 16 disinfectants and disinfection by-products and 47 volatile organic compounds.  Request information

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Download Our Mobile Water Quality AppDownload Our Mobile App

Know Your H2O? is an educational tool that can help you diagnose the problem with your water. This app will lead you through a series of questions to pinpoint the issues with your water.

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PA Groundwater QualityPA Groundwater Quality

Covers issues related to water conservation, the sources of pollution, ensuring that private water supply systems produce safe drinking water and protecting the long-term quality of our water sources.

PA Groundwater Quality



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Training Professionals is a free informational hub that connects you to the best online training options through our partnership with trusted companies.

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In-Home Water Test Kit

Keystone Clean Water Team is working with Test Assured to provide an affordable self-diagnostic water check-up. These are our most popular water test kits, we’ve put these kits together so that you get the best of all of our testing supplies in one easy to use package. Our kits are good for your drinking water no matter if you want to test well water or your municipal/city water supply. These are at-home testing packages which means there is no mailing away required. Most results are generated within minutes & offer the perfect affordable screening of your water supply. If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, this is the ultimate, easy, at-home water testing kit. The Complete Water Analysis Test Kit includes ALL 10 of our water quality tests allowing you to quickly check your water with a complete analysis. The tests are easy to administer and give you results within 10 minutes, with the exception of the bacteria test which takes 48 hours for full results.

In-Home Water Test:

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